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6400 1/16 DIN Temperature/Process Profile Control

West 1/16 DIN Temperature/Process Control, Universal Input, Self Tuning, Profile (Ramp/Dwell) Control. Includes RaPID (Fuzzy Logic).

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Item Number: N6401
Product Line: West
Manufacturer Part No: N6401

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The 6400 is an advanced profile control that includes times ramp/dwell  setpoint profiling. Up to (4) programs each with up to (16) segments can be stored.

6400 Profile Controller
  • Ramp/Dwell Profile Control
  • Guaranteed Dwell
  • Power failure recovery
  • Event/Profile Active Outputs
  • Remote Start
  • Auto or Manual Tuning
  • Heat/Cool Operation Option
  • Alarms Options
  • Modbus Comms Options
  • Configuration via PC Option
Control Types - Full PID with Pre-tune, Self-tune, RaPID fuzzy logic, Manual Tuning, or On-Off control. Heat only or heat & cool.
Auto/Manual - Selectable from front panel with bumpless transfer.
Output Configuration - Up to 3 possible, for control (Heat & Cool),  Alarm or (1) retransmit of Process Value or Setpoint.
Alarm 1 & 2 Types - Process high, process low, SP deviation, band.
Human Interface - 4 button operation, dual 4 digit 10mm & 8mm high LED displays with  Red Upper/Green Lower displays plus Run/Hold, Tune, Event & Profile/Control Status LED's.
Manual or PC Configuration - Off-line configuration from serial port to dedicated config socket (comms option not required).

Ramp/Dwell Setpoint Profile Control
Number of Programs 4, each with 16 free-form segments (Ramp/Dwell/End). Max segment length 99 hours 59 minutes
Delayed Start Max 99 hours 59mins delay from initiation to program start
Guaranteed Soak Holds program if PV is outside of specified hold band during dwell segments.
Program Cycles 1 to 9999 or infinite (continuously re-starts program at end)
Ramp Rate Definition Either ramp rate, or time to final setpoint
Power Loss Recovery Hot (continue profile from point of power fail) or Cold (end profile and return to controller mode)

Thermocouple - J, K, R, S, T, B, L & N Scalable within selected range.
RTD - 3 Wire PT100, 50ohm per lead maximum (balanced). Scalable within selected range.
DC Linear - 0-20/4-20mA, 0-50/10-50mV, 0-5/1-5/0-10/2-10V. Scaleable -1999 to 9999, decimal point selectable.
Impedance - >10Mohm for Thermocouple and mV ranges, 47Kohm for V ranges and 5ohm for mA ranges.
Accuracy - +/- 0.25% of input range +/- 1 LSD (T/C CJC better than 0.7°C).
Sampling - 4 per second, 14 bit resolution approximately.
Sensor Break Detection - <2 secs (except zero based DC ranges), control O/P's turn off, high alarms activate for T/C and mV ranges, low alarms activate for RTD, mA or V ranges.

Outputs & Options
Control & Alarm Relays - Contacts SPDT 2 Amp resistive at 240V AC, >500,000 operations.
Control SSR Outputs - Drive capability >4.2V DC in 1Kohm min
Solid State (Triac) Outputs - 0.01 to 1 Amp AC 20 to 280V, 47 to 63Hz.
Control DC Outputs - 0-20/4-20mA into 500ohm max, 0-10/2-10/0-5V into 500ohm min. Accuracy typically +/- 0.25%.
Communications - 2 Wire RS485, 1200 to 19200 Baud, Modbus.
Digital Input - Remote Run/Hold for profile control using volt free or TTL input. Hold = -0.6 to 0.8V or contact open, Run = 2-24V or contact close.

Operating & Environmental
Temperature & RH - 0 to 55°C (-20 to 80°C storage), 20% to 95%RH non-condensing.
Power Supply - 90-264Vac 50/60Hz (standard); 4VA ; 20-55Vac 50/60Hz, 22 to 65VDC (option)  & 22-65Vdc (option) 4W.
Front Panel Protection - IEC IP66 (Behind panel protection is IP20).
Standards - CE, UL & ULc. recognized.

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